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+ When fate arrives at your door, there is no lock strong enough to hold it back. It may find you asleep, unprepared, too busy, or defiant, but these states are not a deterrent. Destiny does not wait for your mood to change. When the time is ripe, the rite of passage begins. …

“This is known as the call and it comes in many forms. It may begin as a restless dissatisfaction with your daily life, or a deep depression. It may result from a churning in your gut over the daily news, or an inspiring story told to you by a friend. It may come from a tragic loss, or an unexpected boon. But however the call finds its way into your private chambers, it changes the course of your life.
-- Anodea Judith in Awakening the Global Heart

+ As a Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church USA, I experienced  and continue to experience a strong sense of being called to ministry.  But I think Anodea Judith is talking about specific calls to action in areas of life where we can sense we are needed and wanted.  In recent years I have narrowed this down to a belief that humanity is engaged in an evolutionary leap which I am calling The New Faith for the New Earth.  Our mission is to create more Compassion, Peace, Justice and Sustainable Abundance.  I intend to keep writing about it, learning about it, promoting it and sharing ideas with colleagues like you.  

A specific new sense of call for me is now coming to fruition: becoming an InterSpirituality Mentor, certified by the Spiritual Paths Institute.  I need to become more committed to the wonderful work associated with The Charter for Compassion so closely associated with Karen Armstrong who has devoted herself to collaboration and reconciliation among the religions of the planet. Also, I need to find ways to increase my commitment to Sustainable Abundance because our earthly paradise is facing environmental catastrophe if we don’t act boldly ASAP. 

What is changing “the course of your life” these days?
+ Spirituality & Practice offers many resources on the spiritual practice of Devotion.  You can explore even more with this link to “Devotion” on their search engine. You will find 2153 items as of 4/26/16.  And, of course, there is a Twelves Gallery of Memes on Devotion.  The Body also gets a lot of attention from S&P as you can see if you go to this link to “Body” on their search engine. You will find 1611 items as of 4/26/16.

+ I would love it if you offered a guest post on this practice or any practice.  And, I have work to do on my Devotion page.   Maybe you can help.  Send an email with the subject “Devotion” or “Guest Post” to John@abundancetrek.com.

+ You can always find a link to any of the Spiritual Explorations posts by going to http://abundancetrek.com/sepostsaccess.html

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