Monday, July 25, 2016



+ What is indispensable is for us to recognize that this world is not self-evident. The visible is nothing more than a path to revealing the invisible — light serving to disclose the hidden light of light itself.

+ I always remember I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now unless I am letting my consciousness be dominated by demands and expectations based on the dead past or imagined future.
-- Kenneth Keyes
This is the fourth of his 12 Pathways to Higher Consciousness

+ We often experience life as a mystery.  Truth has a way of hiding.  This is true because we have a lot to learn.  We need to keep detecting the meaning of life and our purpose in it.  I don’t think I would want it any other way.  Let our lives unfold in the here and now without any “expectations based on the dead past or imagined future.”  So, let’s embrace the mystery of life as a gift as we continue to explore these heavenly realms.  They are not hidden forever.  We can and will find more and more truth, meaning and purpose.

+ Spirituality & Practice emphasizes the practices of Love & Compassion:

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