Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The spiritual journey simply can not be separated from a vigorous quest for peace and justice.

There is plenty of wealth on the planet. There is enough for every one to have enough food, get decent health care, live in adequate housing. It simply needs to be distributed better, In other words, we need to pay far more attention to basic justice and fairness than has been the case in recent times. And, of course, we need to do this in a way which sustains our environment rather than destroys our environment.I do not have a detailed plan for such an effort. I know that there are many economists and theologians and philosophers and politicians who do have worthy plans that we need to consider. Sallie McFague quickly comes to mind. So does John Preston and James Redfield. The Jubilee Campaign to forgive debt is an important part of any plan since so much of the debt of third world nations is grossly unfair. I will seek to become more aware of more plans for global justice and fairness and sustainable abundance and offer information here from time to time. Any help on this from readers is welcome.

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