Wednesday, November 18, 2009


+ We must get beyond our ignorance and denial when it comes to US support of the ethnic cleansing being done by Israel. John Shuck has just written a great post on this important subject at his fantastic blog, Shuck and Jive, responding to a controversial video now on a website related to the Presbyterian Church (USA). I have been dealing with the video with several comments to three posts at Viola Larson's Naming His Grace. Today, I made the following comment at both the video page and at Viola Larson's latest post on the subject:

I believe the strong Presbyterian support of the Palestinian cause is motivated totally by empathy and compassion and real facts on the ground and not hatred toward Jews.

While this video clearly has a lot of anger, frustration. and perhaps despair, I don’t believe it crosses the line into anti-Semitism. Most of the statements in the video tell the sad tale of ethnic cleansing by Israel. Most Americans are in ignorance or denial about what Israel is doing with our government’s huge support.

People need to know how the Palestinians feel about the massive loss of life, livelihood, land and resources the Palestinians have suffered for the past 92 years as the Nakba continues day after day after tragic day.

I am asking some of my colleagues to see the video and tell me if they agree with me. If I find that most of them do, I will be fighting to keep the video on the website and even try to spread the word about it. Americans need to know what’s really happening in the Israeli-controlled West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as what has happened in the past throughout the region.

Here is the video:

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John Shuck said...

It appears that the IPMN took the video down...