Monday, February 11, 2013


+ updated at 10:11am EST on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

+ This is a great video. Take an hour and enjoy Peter Russell lecturing on The Primacy of Consciousness.

+ Spirituality and Practice offers A Quote on the Heart from Awake Mind, Open Heart by Cynthia Kneen:

The Strong Heart

"When we say a person has HEART, it doesn't mean they are weak and sentimental. We mean they are willing to be exposed, willing to be touched nakedly by the world. They are strong enough not to wear a suit of armor. They are not afraid of their own experience. In this sense heart is the one hundred percentness of experience. It is a strength and fullness in you that come from putting your awareness in the actual experience you are experiencing. This is true even of negative experiences. With a strong heart you are able to be gentle and sympathetic to all your experiences, not only the pleasant ones." | See the S&P map of The Heart

+ At Inner Frontier, a new Inner Work series has begun: WHO AM I? Here are 2 excerpts from the Introduction: “The question “Who am I?” in its various forms, has beset human beings from time immemorial. You would think it would be so easy and obvious, that it would not really arise as a question. But it has and keeps doing so, for good reason. Indeed, some spiritual paths and practices have this question at their center, because it is the key question of our life.” | "There is an answer to this question who am I. But it is not an answer that can be readily formulated in words. It is, however, an answer that we can become. We can be who we truly are. It is at the same time obvious, accessible, and hidden."

Last week, the series on LEARNING TO BE came to an end with Joseph Naft offering some profound thoughts on Love. Excerpts: "Love is union of the will, a union much deeper than the physical union of sex or the emotional union of attachment. Love asks for nothing in return, not even reciprocity, whereas attachment does ask. If it is union, if it is love, how could we ask something in return from our Self? Attachment competes with love for space in our heart and mind. For that reason, the inner work of love, of becoming able to love, consists of allowing oneself to be imposed upon." | "We look for and create opportunities to show our love. We act on them. What does this person want? What does this person need? What would delight this person? How can I provide something toward that?"

I know I have a lot to learn, a lot of detaching to do and humility to achieve as I continue on this amazing journey.

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