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+ Genesis has been one of the sacred books that have enabled millions of men and women to know at some profound level that human life has an eternal dimension, even though they have not always been able to express this insight in logical, rational form. Like any scripture, Genesis points to a reality that must essentially transcend it. But the writers employ different methods from those of the Hindu Vedas or the Buddhist Sutras. The biblical authors force us to make an imaginative effort. They imply that it is a hard struggle to discern a sacred reality in the flawed and tragic conditions in which we live and that our experience will often be disconcerting or contradictory. Like Jacob, we will have to wrestle in the dark, denied the consolations of final certitude and experiencing at best only transient, elusive blessing. We may even find that we have been wounded in the course of our struggle.
-- Karen Armstrong in In the Beginning

+ The holy work of discernment is often complicated, confusing, elusive, even painful.  Courage and determination and patience are needed.  Your discernment process might be working great one day and may seem totally off the mark the next day.  Just keep working on these essential spiritual practices even if it is perplexing and wounding from time to time.  The Mind goal of Humility, the Heart goal of Healing, the Body goal of Holiness and the Soul goal of Heavenliness are worth the struggle.   

+ Karen Armstrong is one of my heroes.  She has written A History of God and other important books promoting awareness and appreciation of the world’s wisdom traditions.  She spearheaded the movement which gave us The Charter for Compassion.  Spirituality & Practice includes Karen Armstrong in their Living Spiritual Teachers Project where you can find quotes, book reviews, book excerpts, articles and interviews.

Spirituality & Practice offers many resources on the practice of discernment.  This includes the quote above. 

+ I have work to do on my Discernment page.   Maybe you can help.  Send an email with the subject “Discernment” to

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