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+ Eventually, you will come to understand that love heals everything, and love is all there is.
-- Gary Zukav

+ When we are in love spiritually, we experience an undeniable universal inter-connectedness, oneness, empathy and compassion for the infinite whole of existence. We instinctively experience love as an all enveloping cosmic embrace. Love is perceived as a force inseparable from the fundamental impulse of life. We feel ignited by the spark of the divine that infuses the deepest essence of our being. Every cell of our body resonates with the bliss of the divine. We are as a drop of water infused within an infinite ocean. We realize that we are joined inexorably in the web of being and have no choice but to accept our universal responsibility to help remove the causes of suffering of all living things.
-- Edward W. Bastian

What are riches untold in a life without compassion?
For there's no winter as cold
As a life without compassion.
There's no prescription that's sold
That can heal you like compassion.

Open up your heart
So you can start to feel compassion.
Get down on your knees,
Pray to heaven for compassion.
Everybody needs compassion.
If you want to be healed
Then you know you got to feel compassion.
-- Verses in “Compassion” by Todd Rundgren

+ Continuing with my appreciation of Rock’n’Roll artist Todd Rundgren, I invite you to listen to “Compassion” which is also on the Healing LP > . You can find all the words at

The connection between Love and Healing simply cannot be over emphasized.  We are all in this together and we are healed together or not at all.  This is a point A Course in Miracles makes over and over again.  It is the essential source, style and goal of meditation, contemplation and prayer.  Edward  Bastian of Spiritual Paths  includes Love & Compassion as the fourth step of the 7 steps of InterSpiritual Meditation and as one of the 12 styles in the Mandala Process of Creating Your Spiritual Path.

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