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+ This is a post on the style of The Way of Reason as we continue to explore Heavenliness through the lens of the 12 styles of the Mandala process created by Edward Bastian.  There are 2 more Mandala styles to explore after this: Relationships and Wisdom. After that, we move on to the 9 Attributes of Heaven.

+ I think that two of my favorite quotes deal with this style:
·         The spirit of liberty is the spirit of not being too sure you are right. -- Learned Hand
·         There are three truths: my truth, your truth and the truth. -- Chinese Proverb

+ In other words, what seems reasonable to one may not seem at all reasonable to another.  Reason has so much to offer but it can also lead to many problems.  For example, reason makes the technology we take for granted possible.  But reason has not yet convinced enough of us that we must find ways to reduce our dependence on certain technologies so that our environment can flourish.

I pointed out that my collection of quotes, resources and ideas on the style of reason is very small.  But I have also collected quotes, resources and ideas on the heavenly attribute of truth.  Soon, we will explore all of the 9 Attributes of Heaven. So, I have decided that we do not need to explore this style beyond one more post.  But I haven’t forgotten my new commitment to work on this style.  Hopefully I will have more wisdom to offer when we explore the heavenly attribute of truth.

+ The 7 steps of InterSpiritual Meditation by Edward Bastian are listed in SE21 and SE213. They are described fully in his book, InterSpiritual Meditation.

+ To get inspired and illuminated by Ed Bastian, I invite you to set aside some time for these videos:
·         Seven Steps of InterSpiritual Meditation (11 minutes)
·         2 hour lecture & conversation

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