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This is the daily exploration for Tuesday, October 11, 2016.

+ This is a post on the style of The Way of Relationships as we continue to explore Heavenliness through the lens of the 12 styles of the Mandala process created by Edward Bastian.  There is 1 more Mandala style to explore after this one: Wisdom. After that, we move on to the 9 Attributes of Heaven.

+ Compassion is the basis of all truthful relationship; it means being present with love – for ourselves and for all life, including animals, fish, birds, and trees. Compassion is bringing our deepest truth into our actions, no matter how much the world seems to resist, because that is ultimately what we have to give to this world and one another.
-- Ram Dass in Compassion in Action
This was the OneSpirit Daily Inspiration on October 4, 2016

+ Service to others … is a … spiritual necessity. … … everyone we encounter matters. … we are spiritually responsible for each other and we are meant to discover and nurture the divine that exists within each person.
-- Caroline Myss in Invisible Acts of Power
This was the OneSpirit Daily Inspiration on October 1, 2016

+ These are two very wise spiritual teachers of the USA have found meaning and purpose in wisdom traditions not native to their homeland just as Edward Bastian found answers to deep spiritual questioning in Tibetan Buddhism rather than in the Presbyterian Church of his upbringing.  Maybe their need to find meaning elsewhere contributes to the humility and compassion I see in them.  We have so much to learn from others especially others who are different than us. 

The “deepest truth” is that “we are spiritually responsible for each other and we are meant to discover and nurture the divine that exists within each person.”  We need to embrace humans who are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Native American, Wicca, SBNR (Spiritual but not religious) or who fit any other religious or cultural description.

+ The 7 steps of InterSpiritual Meditation by Edward Bastian are listed in SE21 and SE213. They are described fully in his book, InterSpiritual Meditation

+ To get inspired and illuminated by Ed Bastian, I invite you to set aside some time for these videos:  Seven Steps of InterSpiritual Meditation (11 minutes) | 15 minute introduction to InterSpiritual Meditation and the Mandala Process | 2 hour lecture & conversation

+ Spirituality & Practice offers abundant resources on the practices of Love & Compassion: The Practice of Love | The 12s Gallery on Love | The Practice of Compassion | The 12s Gallery on Compassion

+ I would love it if you offered a guest post on this practice or any practice.  And, I have work to do on my Heavenliness page.  Maybe you can help.  Send an email with the subject “Heavenliness” or “Love” or “Guest Post” to

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